Get the low down on all the artists playing at The Others Way here!

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WHO: 'Birthday Suite' Film Screening
WHAT: Premiering at The Others Way this year is 'Birthday Suite', directed by Sam Kristofski who will also introduce the film at the start of the festival. Shot mainly on 35mm, the film is a surreal, dream-like visual fugue that compliments Kody Nielson's recently released album also titled 'Birthday Suite'. 
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: The Studio - 7:00pm

Anthonie Tonnon_-32.jpg

WHO: Anthonie Tonnon
WHAT: OriginallyfromDunedinAnthonieTonnonhastouredwidelyasasoloperformeraroundNorthAmerica, Europe and Australasia, sharing the stage with the likes of NadiaReid, TheChills and The Veils. In 2015, his album, Successor, was a finalist for The Taite Music Prize, and the single Water Underground was a top five finalist for the APRA Silver Scroll award. Tonnonʼs one-of-a-kind show which combines both electronic and traditional instrumentalism is one for the books.
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Neck Of The Woods - 8:15pm

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WHO: Bad Friend
WHAT: Bad  Friend  is Wellington  based dreamo band  made up of four young  emos at heart. With the  recent release of their debut  EP 'Best Of', Bad Friend has done  cool things like open for Australian  heroes Camp Cope and supported our special  friends including Carb on Carb on their most  recent tour. Bad Friend capture all the dreamscapes that float within and around your head. If  you like Pete Wentz doppelgängers, the colour lilac, OK stage banter and moody bangers  then Bad Friend may be your new best friend.
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: The Vault - 7:30pm

Bailterspace (1).jpg

WHO: Bailterspace
WHAT: Once described as "The Sonic Youth of the Southern Hemisphere", space-rock contortionists Bailterspace have been mining tortured noise and repetitive melody for the better part of 30 years. Born from the electrifying post-punk band The Gordons, this legendary 3-piece (who also formed The Gordons) have been mining tortured noise and repetitive melody for the better part of 30 years. Now in a rare opportunity to see them play live together, the trio have arrived to blast The Others Way before heading out on a NZ tour. 

VENUE & PLAYING TIME: The Studio - 11.30pm

bene 3.jpeg

WHO: Bene
WHAT: From  Grey Lynn  via Morningside,  18-year-old Bene arrives  at The Others Way with hot  band in tow and a killer set  of songs that mix indie-slack fun  with a little r’n’b swing. And a voice  to die for. She says it “Ben-E”. How do  you say it? Appearing online a few months ago  with the hooks with attitude track “Tough Guy”, Bene  turned heads including Sniffers, who fell for the track’s  “cliff diving guitars and synth bass” and “stripped back canyon  full of melody”. Recording at Morningside’s Golden Age studio with  producer Josh Fountain of Leisure, Bene has more tasty tracks lined  up for release in coming months.
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Whammy Backroom - 8:45pm

Beths_Mason Fairey_Ceiling.jpg

WHO: The Beths
WHAT: New Zealand four-piece The Beths channel their longtime friendship into high-energy guitar pop with a smart lyrical bite. 2018 has been a breakout year for The Beths, beginning with a signing to Carpark Records, a world tour, and the release of their freshman album ‘Future Me Hates Me’.  The title track ‘Future Me Hates Me’ has been received enthusiastically by audiences worldwide, and second single ‘Happy Unhappy’ was named ‘Song of the Summer’ by Rolling Stone Magazine.
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: The Studio - 7:45pm


WHO: carb on carb
WHAT: Nicole Gaffney (vocals, guitar) & James Stutely (drums) - have a reputation for being tour dogs. Their sound echoes the many intimate community spaces the band have played throughout the world. For Ages, the band's sophomore album, was released in May, and reached #11 on the NZ Artists Album Chart while their singles topped student radio charts. The album explores ageing, friendship, home and resilience in a way that is raw and relatable.
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Whammy Bar - 8.00pm

IMG_3361 (1).jpg

WHO: Church & AP
WHAT: Church  &  AP  are  a  young  rap  duo  currently  on  the  rise  in  the  NZ  hip-hop  scene. At  only  17  &  18  years  of  age,  the  two  have  already  started  to  make  noise  with  the release  of  their  debut  EP  ͚Thorough  Bread͛.  Their track ‘Alladat’ has you nodding your head and enjoying their unique sampling methods. Mentored  by  the  likes  of  Raiza  Biza, MELODOWNZ  and  other  local  legends,  Church  &  AP  are  steadily  building  their  name  as one  of  the  premier  rap  acts  in  the  country. 

VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Whammy Backroom - 10.00pm

COLLISION 1978.jpg

WHO: Collision
WHAT: Marking their first performance in 40 years the iconic 1970's NZ funk band, Collision return to the stage having recently featured on the fantastic Heed The Call compilation album, they are guaranteed to bring funk, soul, and groove in abundance. Originally from Tokoroa, the band formed in Wellington in 1973, played with Dalvanius and the Fascinations in the late 1970's and in 1978 recorded their self titled album in Sydney - an album that has become an internationally sought after rare groove classic. 
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Samoa House - 9:15pm

COOL TAN Others Way (1).jpg

WHAT: Auckland  rap outfit  ‘COOL TAN' fka  ‘HEAVY’ consists of  Reem (MEER) and Liam  (Dbldbl). They are a favourite duo here in Auckland and are both  are well versed in warming up a crowd having played an array  of festivals (Splore & Laneway) and opened for numerous international  acts (Jurassic 5, The Internet, Earl Sweatshirt, Le1f & Ratatat). The building  was evacuated during their last performance at The Others Way Festival and they’re  itching to go again. Unapologetic, brown and beautiful. Come get it.
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Galatos Basement - 11:15pm


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WHO: d. Tyrone & k2k
WHAT: After  becoming  best friends  over 3 years ago  Katherine (k2k) and  Dirk (d. tyrone) have  been DJing and throwing  dance parties together all  across Aotearoa. This very special,  back-to-back DJ session is inspired by  Dirk and Katherine's shared love of ripping  techno, dog memes, bumping house rhythms and bees. If you feel like letting loose and dancing amongst a friendly vibe of people then be sure to attend.  Bring a towel; it's gonna be hot~!
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Galatos Basement - 12:45am

Dbldbl - Others Way.jpg

WHO: Dbldbl + Stay Foolish
WHAT: Liam  aka ‘Dbldbl'  is one half of  Auckland rap duo ‘COOL  TAN’. Buried under questionable  and stretched out allusions lay a  string of songs about crippling anxieties,  depression and suicide. Dbldbl ties together  a lazy yet proficient delivery and a self deprecating  but loveable nature with body rolls worse than their references.  Joining Dbldbl at this years The Others Way Festival are K’rd charmers  ‘Stay Foolish’ - a live jazz group bringing the instrumentals from Dbldbl’s tracks to life for a unique performance unlike any other.

VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Galatos Basement - 7:45pm

Dead Little Penny - U 4 Me Press Shot 1 B&W.jpg

WHO: Dead Little Penny
WHAT: Dead  Little  Penny create  a soundscape of  noisy textures, fizzing  guitars and ambient synth,  paired with catchy fuzz-pop melodies.  Their latest singles ‘Honeycomb’ and ‘U  4 Me’ have gained traction on alt-radio both  nationally and internationally.As a teenager, front  woman Hayley began making pop-punk and wall-of-sound  music in her bedroom with a guitar gifted to her on  her 13th birthday. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, the band  originally hail from the UK, with Hayley born in the Wirral,  Merseyside, and Simon Buxton from Devon. Their album Urge Surfing  is due for release later this year.
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: The Vault - 8.30pm


WHO: Death and the Maiden
WHAT: Death and the Maiden come from Port Chalmers, Dunedin. Their music crafts a shadowy sound world; populated by melancholic synth, reverb drenched guitars and vocal incantations that are both hypnotic and devastating. Their compositional skills create strong waves in sound that is nestled between programmed beats and also synth arpeggios, They have just released their second album 'Wisteria’.

VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Whammy Backroom - 11.30pm



WHO: Die! Die! Die! 
WHAT: Drenched in the storied history and traditions of post-punk, noise pop, shoegaze, lo-fi, and punk rock, Die! Die! Die! personify the sound of a thousand different nights played out in dingy bars, ramshackle DIY venues, and decaying concert halls around the globe. This year sees former bassist Lachlan Anderson rejoining the band fulltime, and will coincide with a period of writing as they begin work on their seventh full length album, and the follow up to 2017s Charm. Offensive. With a touring history as blurry and battle scarred as the busiest of artists of their home country, show by show, Die! Die! Die! have focused themselves into a captivating and dependable proposition.
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Galatos Main Room - 12:15am

drorgan (1).jpg

WHO: Drorgan
WHAT: Drorgan is a drums and organ duo from Auckland.  They play FUTURISTIC NEANDERTHAL STOMP! Mysterious melodies, shimmering distortions and pulsing rhythms. It goes bam bam bam! and is DRORGAN. Drorgan is the weird, wonderful and strange all in combination with each other.
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Audio Foundation - 9:15pm


WHO: Elroy
WHAT: Elroy makes music that is dreamy, luscious and a little melancholic. It evokes relaxation, red wine and cheese at dusk, and the weightless feeling one experiences just before you drift off to sleep.Elroy has spent most of the past 10 years playing in bands such as Connan Mockasin, Liam Finn, Neil Finn, Lawrence Arabia and Wild Nothing. In between these projects, he has slowly crafted his debut album in various bedrooms and studios between Brooklyn NY, and Auckland NZ. Elroy’s self-titled debut album will be released early next year, with tour dates being announced shortly. He will also be playing drums with Wild Nothing internationally in 2019.
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: The Thirsty Dog - 11.15pm


WHO: Eno X Dirty
WHAT: Grey Lynn’s favourite rap duo have had a hell of a year. Since releasing their critically acclaimed tape Evil Adventures and Happy Endings they have embarked on a national tour seeing them perform to sold out crowds around the country. They first released their record digitally, but they have since had it released on vinyl. The album topped the heat seekers New Zealand Music Chart and debuted as the #1 Hip Hop Album on iTunes. The lead single Shampoo and Conditioner has racked up over 250,000 streams on Spotify, has been featured international playlists. They even managed to sell over 100 copies of vinyl out of the boot of a car at the Grey Lynn basketball courts (a thank you to the community that raised them and a reference to the acts that have come before them)
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Neck Of The Woods - 11:15pm

IMG_1389 (1).jpg

WHO: Estére
WHAT:  Like the rare occurrence of crystal frost flowers or lenticular clouds, Estère’s strange brand of Electric Blue Witch ­Hop creates an unparalleled melange of sounds.Referencing the meaty side of electronic music with succulent bass a top weighty drums and contrasting it with organic acoustic textures ­ Estère bedecks her production with an elastic voice and punchy, ethereal melodies. Estère’s lyric writing escapes the common realms of popular music, delving into imaginatively philosophical narratives surrounding ideas of belonging, displaced refugees, kids obsess.) Her incredibly dynamic has seen her play at festivals and venues around the globe.
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Anthology Lounge - 11:00pm


WHO: French Concession
WHAT: French_concession is a solo art‐pop project of Ella Chau Yin Chi started in Shanghai in 2009. Her tightly woven and dreamy music scapes reflect the influence of her widespread travels, fusing her Hong Kong & New Zealand roots with stories and experiences gained around the world. Her work is ethereal, dreamy and filled with glossy synthesisers and pop vocals. This year, 2018, Ella released her 5th French_concession EP with the Wellington based label Ball of Wax. She was selected to participate in the Ear Up programme in Hong Kong, and has just completed her Europe tour with Indi (NZ) and DJ Mo Chan (Berlin). She herself played at this year’s Volkhof Festival in the Netherlands.
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Cross Street Market 10:15pm

F1000018 (1).JPG

WHO: girlboss
WHAT: girlboss  is the second-hand  Macbook of bands. Lucy  Botting is the holiday postcard  of singers. Douglas Kelly is so musical  he lives with the woman he met at a Suzuki  Method camp. If all of Olivia Campion’s other projects  like Yumi Zouma and Estère were listed, this bio would exceed  its word count. Deanne Krieg brings Aro Valley charm and harmonies  to the band.Melody comes first for Lucy. She writes songs with her Stratocaster  underneath her mezzanine bed. Next to the Wellington Zoo in Newtown, the band turns  the tunes to dream pop. In March, girlboss released their debut EP Body Con, a small  run of cassettes through Wellington label Ball of Wax Records. girlboss is now recording a new  album, which will be as wintery as Body Con was summery.
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: The Vault - 9:30pm

The Goon Sax - Photo Ryan Topez 2 (1).JPG

WHO: The Goon Sax
WHAT: Still  in high  school in  Brisbane when  they made their  first album Up To  Anything in 2016, The  Goon Sax's brand of awkwardly  transcendent teenage guitar pop took  them into end of year lists for BBC6,  Billboard and Rough Trade, and earned them  raves from Pitchfork, Spin, Uncut, Rolling Stone  and elsewhere. Second album We're Not Talking due out later this year  takes the enthusiasms of youth and twists them into darker, more sophisticated  shapes. Sounds stick out at surprising angles, cow-bells become lead instruments and  brief home-recorded fragments appear unexpectedly. The band recently toured UK/Europe with  Frankie Cosmos and played their first US dates, while in Australia they have played shows  with Angel Olsen, Perfume Genius, Teenage Fanclub and many others.
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Pitt St Sunday School - 7.30pm/ The Wine Cellar (Chapter Music Stage) - 12:15am

DSC_0062 (1).jpg

WHO: Green Grove
WHAT: Green  Grove is  the solo electronic  project of Durham Fenwick,  the guitarist for acts such  as Bozo, Guardian Singles and  New Gum Sarn. Green Grove began  in early 2018 with the Night Music  EP, written and recorded on borrowed synthesisers  during the previous year; the record was described  by Under the Radar as a "mind-expanding debut collection  of lush tunes... leading listeners down gently-paced pathways  of sound." With sonic influences based in exotica, lounge and  electronic library music, Fenwick has since focused on bringing the  EP to the stage, transforming it into a spooky, hypnotic and immersive  live show with a full band.
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Cross Street Market - 8:00pm

GuyBlackman (1) (1).jpg

WHO: Guy Blackman
WHAT: Guy  Blackman  is one of  the driving forces  behind long-running Australian  independent record label Chapter  Music, which he founded in 1992 at  the age of 17. As a solo artist, he  plays deftly constructed, slyly subversive  songs on piano and guitar that confront issues  of love, sexuality and commitment. His songs evoke  comparisons to Serge Gainsbourg, Tim Hardin and Kevin  Ayers. Guy's debut solo album Adult Baby included a duet  with Swedish pop star Jens Lekman as well as guest appearances  from members of the Dirty Three and Eddy Current Suppression Ring.  Guy has played with artists like John Grant, Joanna Newsom, Bill Callahan,  Vashti Bunyan, Owen Pallett, Jens Lekman, the Chills and many more.
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: The Wine Cellar (Chapter Music Stage) - 8:15pm

GregorBlueOcean (1) (1).JPG

WHO: Gregor
WHAT: Gregor  is 24 year  old Melbourne  pop eccentric Gregor  Kompar. He released an  introductory cassette Thoughts  & Faults on Chapter Music in 2016,  which Stereogum described as like“Talking  Heads meets Trolls.” His debut album proper  Silver Drop emerges in Oct 2018. Spacious and  delicate, but peppered with acerbic pop moments and  extended, loping grooves, Gregor's music draws together  elements of Arthur Russell and The The, all filtered through  Gregor’s very personal vision.
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: The Wine Cellar (Chapter Music Stage) - 9:30pm

hans_pucket_backyard_Bella_Ansell_Adams (1).JPG

WHO: Hans Pucket
WHAT: Hans  Pucket  bring an energetic  and eclectic set of  tunes featuring three part  harmonies, solid power-pop riffs  and real lyrics.This year they delivered  their debut album “Eczema” - a collection  of addictive, cleverly crafted and heartfelt  jams, recorded by the band in their hometown  of Wellington. They consists of twins Callum and  Oliver Devlin, and musical polymath Jono Nott (ONONO,  Broods, Red Sky Blues). and have steadily grown a reputation  as one of the country’s most dependably good-time, heart-aching,  hard-grooving live bands.

VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Whammy Bar - 12:00am

Headless Chickens 91.jpg

WHO: Headless Chickens
WHAT: Far from the jangly guitar sound many associate with Flying Nun, Headless Chickens utilised electronics, samples, and the darker side of rockʼnʼroll to forge a sound that was entirely their own. Itʼs been a big year, with their fantastic album Stunt Clown not only hitting the 30th Anniversary milestone, but also being awarded this year's Taite Music Prize Classic Album Award, proving it clearly stands the test of time. Now, in a fitting tribute to their recently departed friend and bandmate Grant Fell, Headless Chickens alumni Chris Matthews, Anthony Nevison, Michael Lawry, Fiona McDonald, Bevan Sweeney and special guest Rupert E. Taylor are reuniting to play selected tracks from both ʻStuntClownʼ and their early discography.

VENUE & PLAYING TIME: The Studio - 10:15pm

HB Itunes Gallery 2.jpg

WHO: High Beams
WHAT: Three  of the  brightest  local talents  in the new generation  of hip hop artists have  joined forces to create ͚High  Beams͛. High Beams showcases IllBaz's  unique production chops with two of the  best rappers in the game - Melodownz and  Raiza Biza. High Beams is about shining a light  on things that are discarded or overlooked, especially  living in New Zealand, a country so distant from conflicts  and human injustice on a large scale.
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Samoa House - 10:30pm

Hopetoun Brown by Paul Taylor 3 (1).jpg

WHO: Hopetoun Brown
WHAT: Hopetoun  Brown are  a tiny band,  but Tim Stewart  and Nick Atkinson  have often bolted on  other parts to this duo  to create a more thug-like  live sound. For their performance  at this year's Others Way festival  they'll be building a unique ensemble  featuring congas, bongos, cowbells, go-go  bells and a drum kit manned by Lord Echo  and Weird Together percussionist Isaac Chadderton  and Lawrence Arabia drummer Al Deverick. Sophie Burbery  will bring her gleaming tonsils to the stage and Callum  Passells, arguably the finest up and coming saxophonist in  the country, will complete the six-person line-up. Expect trumpets,  bass clarinets, trombones and saxophones!

VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Samoa House - 7:45pm


WHO: Imugi 이무기
WHAT: Imugi  이무기 released their  first EP titled ‘Vacasian’,  a trip through the bicultural-Asian-girl-psyche  and the healing it takes to go from being self-conscious  to being self-aware. With roots in Korea and Aotearoa, the EP  explores the multi-faceted, wholesome identities and complex issues  that migrant women of colour face, through a mix of styles ranging  from r&b, synth-pop, funk and spoken word. The goal is to embrace the  beauty of diversity within multiculturalism and challenge Eurocentric structures  within our culture.
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Galatos Basement - 10:15pm


WHO: Josie Moon
WHAT: 21  year  old singer-songwriter  Josie Moon hails from  Wellington, New Zealand with  a hypnotic and nostalgic approach  to electronic pop music. Not shy of  the stage, Moon has clocked live performances  alongside Jon Lemmon, Maxwell Young, Physical and  Mothers Dearest. She spent this past summer bunkered  down with new collaborator Nik Brinkman (Mitch James, Abby  Wolfe, Erith), consuming music and films from the past 30-odd  years summating in an expanded style that is at once unique and  universal, sublime and sympathetic, and surprisingly cohesive. Her upcoming  commercial debut EP ‘ Rose Tinted’ is set to be released at the end of this month.

VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Whammy Backroom - 7:45pm

kraus 3 (1).jpg

WHO: Kraus
WHAT: Over  a career  spanning fifteen  albums, Auckland solo  instrumentalist Kraus has  collapsed space and time with  a combination of psychedelic noise  rock, freakish analogue electronics, and  a wide range of exotic weirdness from Renaissance  lute ballads to wiry Far-Eastern strings. His carcinogenic  fuzz guitar, homemade synth, monolithic drums and bamboo flutes  beam in from a parallel universe where the ancient past collides  with the far-out future.
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Audio Foundation - 8:15pm

LJ_PROMO_03b_web (1).jpg

WHO: Laura Jean
WHAT: Melbourne  songwriter Laura  Jean is revered for  the striking beauty of  her music and the strength  of her piercing, intimate lyrics.  In Australia she has been shortlisted  for the Australian Music Prize, and has  recorded with national icons Paul Kelly and  The Drones. She has toured Australia with Aldous  Harding, New Zealand with Marlon Williams and heads  to UK/Europe in November for a tour with Courtney Barnett.    Her new album Devotion is a stunning artistic about-face, an enveloping,  deep pop album like nothing she has done before.
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: The Wine Cellar (Chapter Music Stage) - 10:45pm


WHAT: Meer, who is otherwise known as Reem of rap Auckland duo COOL TAN is a Lebanese/Palestinian/iraqi wordsmith who has branched out on to her own solo project. Her raw and unapologetic raps speak about suffering and mental health. Hermusic journey creates a platform for others who are also living with depression from strict cultural traditions. Meer has already dropped a 6 track EP, and a music video to accompany one of the tracks titled ‘Rotten’ shot by Frances Carter. On top of that she has just released a 2 track EP ft. Jess B.
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Neck Of The Woods - 9:45pm

Photo 20-08-2017, 8 13 33 PM (1).jpg

WHAT: Melodownz  hip hop lyricist  (Bronson Price), is  a half cast’ Polynesian  urban poet and artist raised  in the phone line tangled urban  village of Avondale, Auckland, New  Zealand. Still pondering over a beer  at the bar, headphones on the bus, or  bouncing at the back of the venue at his  show, you will wonder how you are still listening  to the same performer as he traverses backdrops of boom  bap, g funk, reggae, soul and hip hop with ease, dropping  nuggets of wisdom, synonyms and analytical versification. From  feel good partay vibes that will keep your head nodding to pre  tinder date jitters, or an epic song for a local boxer as he enters  the ring, musically, Melodownz has you covered.

VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Anthology Lounge - 8:30pm


WHO: Miss June
WHAT: Miss June is a high-energy 4 piece monster which burst onto the NZ music scene in 2014 with the release of their intensely unapologetic punk EP ‘Matriarchy’. They've toured fervently off the back of this 10-minute-long ear punch, sharing the stage with artists such as Foo Fighters, Shellac, Shonen Knife, The D4, Die! Die! Die! Combining elements of punk, no-wave and rock they create a sound with melodic hooks and fast driven riffs that are immediately recognisable and entirely their own. In anticipation of the release of their debut album, Bad Luck Party (scheduled for worldwide release in November this year , they have been nurturing a more mature sound with the help of local legend Tom Healy in The Lab Studios.

VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Whammy Bar - 10:45pm

Mulholland 1 tif (1).jpg

WHO: Mulholland
WHAT: Mulholland  is the moniker  for Christchurch-raised,  Auckland-based Jol Mulholland  (Gasoline Cowboy, The Mots, The  Reduction Agents). His love of creating  and crafting hook-filled, off-kilter pop music  has gained him a reputation as an artist and creator  of music that defies fads and trends, and his talents and  skills as a musician have taken him and his music around the  world, working with industry names in NZ, the UK, Europe and the  US. Following a two-year stint living in New York while touring. Jol now works  as an engineer, producer and musician at his studio The Oven at legendary Mt Eden  studios The Lab
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Thirsty Dog - 8:45pm

IMG_3458 (2).jpg

WHO: Polyester
WHAT: Polyester  make pop songs  charged with emotion  - blending pop hooks with  80’s synths, sparkling guitars,  and Chic-inspired disco grooves. The  Auckland five piece have had a bumper  year: they played Laneway 2018, they toured  New Zealand, and they released their self-titled  debut album. All three singles from the album (‘Different  for a Boy’, ‘Maybe’, and ‘Satellite’) have been number one  on the 95bFM Top Ten, and the album has been described as a  ‘stylishly catchy insta-classic’ by Under the Radar. Things are  looking sunny for Polyester.
VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Whammy Bar - 9:15pm


WHO: Purple Pilgrims
WHAT: Psychic  sisterhood  and wistful  wanderlust are  the twin energies  feeding lush ceremonial  dream-pop duo Purple Pilgrims.  Raised itinerantly in Hong Kong  and on New Zealand’s South Island,  with deep backgrounds in folk music (their  great-grandfather was recorded by Alan Lomax),  Valentine and Clementine Nixon adapted by devising  their own telepathic inner worlds. Their home-recorded  and self-produced their full length debut ‘Eternal Delight’  (Not Not Fun Records, US) to critical intrigue; with consequent  appearances at Laneway festival, and on Roy Montgomery’s latest offering  ’Suffuse’ alongside the likes of Grouper and Julianna Barwick. Firmly on their  always idiosyncratic path they retreated back to the forest where they are currently  crafting their anticipated sophomore album

VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Galatos Main Room - 8:30pm

Soaked Oats 7.jpg

WHO: Soaked Oats
WHAT: Soaked  Oats are  a young four-piece  band hailing from Dunedin,  New Zealand . The band is made  up of lead vocalist Oscar Mein who  scribes the clever, witty and thoughtful  observations on life. And fruit. Guitarist,  Henry Francis and his amazing pedal-board is on  the noble path to tone mastery making the instrument  sound like it was made by unicorns. Rhythm section Max Holmes (bass) and Conor Feehly (drums) provide the backbone,  the funk and keep the party going. 

VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Galatos Main Room - 11:00pm


WHO: Superette
WHAT: One of Flying Nun's best decisions of the 1990s was to. sign the powerful-popping trio known as Superette. Their one-and-sadly-only album 'Tiger' remains one of the fiercest and finest releases in the catalogue, an is finally seeing the light of day as a long-awaited re-issue next month. Fronted David Mucahy of JPSE, and joined by Ben Howe and Greta Anderson, the three piece's debut still sounds as powerful and infectious as it did at the time. It's been a long time between drinks, so come along and get giddy to tunes like "Touch Me", and "Killer Clown", and Saskatchewan"! 

VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Galatos Main Room - 9:45pm

IMG_7416 (1).jpg

WHAT: Nich  Cunningham (Malevolence,  Rope) and Dorian Noval (Natural  Glow, Emily Edrosa)’s respective  bands played at punkfest 2010 together  and last year they started a new one. Literally  it’s drum and bass but make up ya own grow ass mind    ̄ \_(ツ)_/ ̄

VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Audio Foundation - 10:15pm

Tei. Two.jpg

WHO:  tei.
WHAT: tei.  is an  emerging  alternative  R&B producer/artist/writer  born and raised in Auckland.  Her sound transcends genres to  create a unique dialogue in music,  ensuring listeners understand with every  beat, the fabric of the musical experience.  tei.'s debut mixtape, OMW was met with critical  acclaim among blogs including Under the Radar, and  The Spinoff

VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Galatos Basement - 9:15pm


WHO:  Two Farben
WHAT: Two Farben is the duo incarnation of the larger Auckland based ensemble called New Farben - both groups features nz musical icon Jonathan Crayford on synthesiser/effects and ladi6 drummer Julien Dyne on drum set and sampler. Two Farben uses music from Julien Dyne as the basis of a launch pad for spontaneous dance music. No two shows are the same for this high energy and inventive duo.

VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Anthology - 9:45pm

Vincent H.L-05 (1).jpg

WHO:  Vincent H.L
WHAT: Vincent  H.L may look  like a slack dude  who sits around all  day eating chicken chips  and bananas, but actually he’s  spent a good part of the last three  years creating the psych country soundtrack  to your tramadol nightmares. His debut album Weird  Days was released earlier this year. On the album’s sound,  Vincent says: “I like country music and doom metal, so the  initial idea was to try and make the sensibilities from both  genres work together. In places it’s got a tired woozy feeling,  sort of like a golden hangover day. And in other places it gets  a little bit spaghetti western with a primitive stomp...” Vincent H.L  has been making music around Auckland for ages. He fronted stomping garage  blues trio Whipping Cats, and has smashed keys for The Conjurors. He currently  plays with the gents in Magic Factory.

VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Cross Sreet Market - 9:00pm


WHO: Water
WHAT: Named for the liquid that facilitates all life on earth, the band’s dynamic can easily be described as natural. With the music and camaraderie developed over a long and organic writing period, little attention was given to much besides discovering the band’s collective sound through a system of natural selection involving an extensive amount of songs and live demo recordings. Featuring the vocals of Oscar Davies­Kay (Rackets), Vince Nairn (Rackets) on lead guitar, Rikki Sutton on rhythm guitar (Eyes no Eyes, Couchmaster), Mike Ellis on Bass (Surf City, The Nightshades, No Aloha) and Mason Fairey on drums (BoZo, The Naenae Express, The Pleasure Majenta) Water have a lot of combined activity in the New Zealand music scene and have more associated acts than could be mentioned here.

VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Thirsty Dog - 10:00pm


WHO: Wax Chattels
WHAT: Wax Chattels create darkly hypnotic and frenetic music that's both rhythmically
complex and sinister. If that paints any sort of aural picture, it comes as no surprise
that "Gillian," their homage to X-Files star Gillian Anderson, was roundly endorsed by
the ex-punk actress herself on social media before the band had even played shows
outside of their home country or received any support from larger press outlets.Far from conventional, they create an atmosphere akin to a traditional loud power trio — using a keyboard, bass and 2-piece drum kit to create darkly hypnotic, frenetic music that's simultaneously sinister and rhythmically complex.

VENUE & PLAYING TIME: The Studio - 9:00pm

JNETT press shot (1).jpg

WHO: The Friendly Potential TOW Afterparty - DJ JNETT Wax Chattels
WHAT: Inarguably one of Australia's biggest house luminaries, Melbourne native Jeanette Pitruzzello aka DJ JNETT has been spinning records and creating heat in Melbourne's music industry since the 90s. JNETT's boundless crates of wax & supreme turntable technique spans seamlessly throughout deep house, techno, funk, soul, disco, dub, reggae, and hip hop which has won over countless audiences. 

VENUE & PLAYING TIME: Neck Of The Woods - 12.30am

Girls Rock Camp logo.jpg

WHAT: Girls Rock! Camp Aotearoa is a week-long holiday programme for young women*, where music is the medium to build confidence, empowerment and foster social change.
*Young Women includes female, transgender, intersex and non-binary youth.

WHO:  Mini Reptile Club
WHAT:  Mini Reptile Club is made up of four lizards based on the North Shore writing and performing Alt-pop music. Mastering the art of long rehearsals, late nights and smashing out new songs together at Birkenhead College. Influenced by artists such as Daniel Caesar, Steve Lacy and Frank Ocean

WHO: The Wanderers
WHAT: Two little songwriters from little New Zealand singing our stories to anyone who will listen.

WHO: Edie
WHAT: Edie delivers raw unfiltered emotion in her music, dripping head to toe with pink glitter graphics and rage. While originally just wanting to have stayed a karaoke legend in the living room, she is ready to bring her gifts to the big stage.

VENUE: Pitt Street Sunday School - 8:15pm 


We have 50 acts, a film screening, an all ages stage and 13 venues-making this the biggest version of TOW yet! We encourage you to remember:

*The Event is R18 please bring ID. You must wear your wrist band to get into the venues. *No wrist band-no entry.

*We do everything to schedule the event to avoid clashes and venues being at full capacity, but please be aware from time to time you may need to wait in line to get into avenue. If there is an act you absolutely can't miss-make sure you get to the venue in plenty of time. *The Pitt Street Sunday School is an All Ages stage-which is also open to the general audience from 7pm. Entry preference will be given to all ages wrist band holders for this stage.

*Don't just stick to one spot-there's plenty to see, and half the fun is the chaotic run of the bulls in the street!

*We want everyone to feel safe at The Others Way, so please make sure you're mindful and respectful of the other folks in the spaces around you and let security or staff know if you're concerned for your own or anyone else's safety


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Can you own a song?

Can you own a song?